There are many healthy benefits for using natural, organic deodorants. Eliminating aluminum, parabens and other toxic ingredients are key. Our deodorants are designed to keep you dry with a touch of scent. Deodorants come in regular and sensitive skin.  

Hemp Healing Cream


Hemp has many healing properties for arthritis to muscle pain. In addition, it's been known to treat PTSD, anxiety, MS, inflammation, psoriasis, migraines, cramps, depression and a host of other ailments.   
Apply cream to your targeted area and experience the relief! For added support, try a heat or ice pack from 



The body loves and needs a good dose of Vitamin D every day, but you definitely don't want to burn! Zinc Oxide is one of the most effective minerals for protecting you from too much UVA/UVB that can result in burns. Because our sunscreen is in stick form (contains 20% Zinc Oxide), you can control the amount you apply, thus avoiding over application of sunscreen. We use organic ingredients made from nature to give you adequate protection without adding other toxic ingredients.  

Bath Soaps


Our bar soaps are hand made with organic oils and made in small batches. Each scent is unique depending on the season. See our Etsy store for specific ingredients and essential oils/fragrances.  

Body Butter


Custom Body Butters! 8oz Do you need something creamy to moisturize your skin? My body butters come in your favorite scented essential oils. Don't see one you love? Contact me for a custom order!

Chop Stick


Whether you're trying to beat dry, chapped lips OR you are a horn player that needs fast recovery after a gig, Chop Stick is for you.  It doesn't just soften and moisturize your heals soreness and repairs splits and cracks.  Comes in citrus or plain. BOOM!



We're all familiar with the beautiful, floral scent of lavender.  The aroma relaxes you and calms stress.  Ylang ylang's beneficial properties include: antidepressant, antiseborrheic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, hypotensive, nervine, and sedative substance.  Smells yummy!

Bath Bombs


I make super clean bath bombs. I use the finest ingredients and organic or wild crafted essential oils. I do not add colors to my bath bombs. This reduces your need to excessively clean your bath tub after draining and reduces the risk for skin irritation. I also minimize and/or eliminate the use of additives like leaves, flowers, beads, etc. from the bath bomb so as not to cause drainage problems. 

Shower Steamers


Place the shower steamer at the back of the tub and away from direct stream of water. Enjoy he slow release of essential oils while you shower!