Beard Oil

Face it, no woman wants to get close to a prickly beard. Our oil is great for softening and growing the beard as well as conditioning the skin. Try it. You'll thank me...and so will your lady. 

Beard Balm

Ain't nobody got time for hairs sticking out all over the place. Our balm is a styling pomade that helps keeps your hair in place and prevents flyaways. Simply comb or brush our balm through your locks and make them settle down.  

Beard & Face Soap

Here's to all the minimalists...we made it simple for you to shampoo the beard while cleansing your face in one fell swoop. No need for multiple bottles in the shower. Just wash and go! BOOM! 

Beard Butter

Beard butter is a great balance between an oil and a wax.  Butters are softer and great for moisturizing and providing a light hold. Smell like a manly man with this light musk scent. 


What if I told you you could have a long-lasting and effective deodorant without toxic ingredients? With several fragrances to choose from, you'll go about your day in confidence.   


Are you THAT guy who has a place for everything? Keep your grooming tools nice and tidy with our Dude Locks Block. Keep your brush, comb and products in one neat place.